New York Trip Part 1.
The week before last my mom found out that her documentary, Does Sex Ruin Lives? , is premiering at the Harlem International Film Festival. I made some changes to my schedule and last minute decided to go and support her. It was a great experience.

Here's my mom and her business partner, Casey, as we waited in the cab line @ La Guardia.The first place we hit when we landed was the venue that is hosting the film festival... Well here it is.
Cool shot of the staircase & part of the reception area.
My mom and Casey doing their pose.

Cool shot of brownstones in Harlem.
My friend Sarah came to premiere to support.
Another friend of mines, Dria, also came. I'm so glad that my friends could come and support my mom. Thanks guys. :)

Overall, the premiere was a great experience and the audience had a pretty good reaction to the film.