B I R T H D A Y!
Sorry for neglecting the blog, Just got through a busy birthday weekend.
Friday (my birthday), I went to work for a mid shift. I had a great time at work.

Here I am with my "cousin" Alex.. I did a post about her not to long ago. If you need your make up done... GO SEE HER!!

Now I really didn't care about my birthday this year and my ONLY request was that my cake said, "Shawty Swing My Way" . . . if you don't know what that is... don't worry about it.
Basically I love the song & its a big inside joke with my family.
I literally fell on the floor when I saw the cake.. I couldn't believe they actually did it.

Everyone made beautiful decorations that they set up in my room. Love my fam. :)
Me and my brother... who's birthday is 2 days after mines. L I B R A S!!

Overall, my birthday was very simple but it was a great day.
My parents gave me $$$$ for vehicle... ahhh, I'm extremely excited!!! Woooo hoooo.