When I saw these photos of singer Ciara this past week, I knew I wanted to post them. The epitome of the New York fashionista to me. Her look was very fall chic to me.. loved it!

I wasn't too sure after I saw this report of her & friend Kim Kardashian wearing the SAME outfit. A total #FashionFauxPas. I mean really... the same dress & shoes as your close friend. Kim was seen in the outfit first in Paris, I believe. Then Ciara was seen at an event recently. I think their publicist were probably the motive behind this, but fashion is WAYYY more important than some press. Also, the outfit wasn't that great... in my opinion.

Take the poll below and let me know what you think!!

Were Ciara & Kim wrong for wearing the same outfit?
Yes, major fashion mistake. . .
No, I share outfits with friends. . .

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