So last weekend I had the cutest customers come in and ask to record me swiping the credit card at the register. I've had other customers record me do it for projects and so I had no problem helping them out. After investigating a little, I found out that they had a youtube channel and recorded little videos all the time. We exchanged youtube channels (like telephone numbers) and they went on their way. I told them if I didn't see myself on youtube soon I would be suing them.. lol
Well the next morning, I was on the computer and decided to check out the little girls youtube channel and watched the first video on the screen.. about 15 seconds in the video I see the footage of me swiping the card. I instantly freaked out, because they got it up instantly! Very productive of her. After I watched the entire video, I thought they were the cutest girls ever. Check out the video below and let me know what you think!
(Watch for my cameos!!)