Art & Music...
So on Thursday, I accompanied my sisters Brandy & Bryce to their high school to see them participate in the "Edible Art" contest..

They made "Penguins in Winter Wonderland"

Here are some work from other students:

This one was amazing. It was made from jello.
Looks familiar, right?
This was cute and the flowers were made out of fruit roll ups...

Here are Brandy & Bryce with their penguins.
After the judges looked at all of the "edible art", they announced the winner.... Brandy & Bryce won MOST EDIBLE!!! They were so happy. It was a great experience for them, being that Brandy is very much into art and Bryce wants to be a pastry chef.
After the Edible Art Contest, Bryce had her winter orchestra concert. It was super LOOOOOOONG, but they did a great job!
There were lots of parents & faculty there to watch the concert.
It was a wonderful night for my sisters and I was so proud of them!