Fun Fashionista Finds under $10
While I was at Target with my mom we were just playing around in the $1.00 section and made this cute little goodie boxes.

So this first one would be cute if you were have a girls night and wanted to make little goody boxes. This box contain:

  • Eiffel Tower Box
  • Vanilla Cream Lotion
  • "Beauty Sleep" Sleeping Mask
  • Warm Vanilla Soap
  • Pink Sponge
Each item (including the box) were a dollar. So in total you would be spending $5.00 + tax, of course.
Since Valentines Day is always around the corner, we also did a Valentines themed one. This box contains:
  • Red "XOXO" Box
  • Mrs. Fields Box of Chocolates
  • "Sweet Dreams" Sleeping Mask
  • Red Pen

This box will actually be one dollar cheaper, but you can add whatever you like to it.

Also, I found this cute "fashion designer" doll...

You get 3 rolls of fabric...
They show you how to cut and place your outfit, then accessorize it too.
This was on sale for $6, I believe.
Good gift for a younger fashionista!