Style from Generation.... to Generation...
My family has birthed many fashionistas! Just look:

(My grandmother)
She passed before I was born, but I know she was a great & strong woman. Plus, she had a wonderful classic style. Everything was simple, but brought the look together.

(My mother)
Also, a strong woman with great style. This is the #1 Fashion lover in my life. She is a major reason I am going into the fashion industry.


(My younger sisters Bryce & Brandy)
Now I have given them great foundation to build off of (style wise), but they haven't exactly tried to use it to their advantage. I think they are just coming into their own styles... we'll see. LOL.

(My youngest sisters Brieonni & Brittyn)
They both barely have a complete say in what they wear, so their in my control. *evil laugh*
I will say Brittyn is our little fashionista!
I love to see my family connected to fashion. :)