Hey girl hey, 

So I'm bringing sexy back. *in my JT voice* Well I never really bring sexy, which has made me think. I love fashion, but I feel I need to show my curves & bring a little BAM to more looks. Like Beyonce said, "If you got it, flaunt it, boy I know you want it". I think I am in a music mood today. 

This look has been my "go to" summer look. My simple black fitted dress & a kimono. I told y'all I LOVE kimonos this season. I wear this look with sandals, sneakers, flip flops. haha Since I wanted to show more of my sexy side, I brought out the BIG GUNS. I bought these heels last year for my best friends wedding in ATL. I hadn't brought back out until now. I was getting lots of wide eyes as I walked down the street with my photographer. It's okay guys embrace the SEXY. 

I posted a little preview of this shoot on my IG and all my girlfriends were asking about my heels. I was a bit worried people would be like, "WTF is Brooke doing?" Then I realized everyone was loving the look and I had to remind myself to OWN IT. I got lots of DM's (not like that) asking where the heels are from. I had to admit it, but I got them from Forever 21... hahaha AND they were under $50. #budgetista 

Since I bought them around this time last year, I went on the search for similar styles to show you guys. Then I found out that Forever 21 still had them. So BOOM ladies, get in formation! #queenbey

Get my look here: Dress // Kimono (Similar) // Heels // Purse //