Hey guys, 

I'm back with #wednesdaywisom! My weekly post with some motivation or topic of my choice. This week comes from a saying my mom was always told my siblings & i, "Stay ready!" Those two words have rang true to me this entire year. I've had so many opportunities come around this year and I feel that I would have been able to capitalize on them more if I had been "ready". As in, having photo shoots and having to cram in a last minute diet to feel better. If I was keeping up with my clean diet and workouts, I would be ready for photo shoots at all times. Also, with my blog I have had a few features, but I have not kept up with consistently posting. That has probably caused some people to not work with me or not care to keep up with me. So one of my main goals is to STAY READY AT ALL TIMES. If someone wants to help style them, i want to always be prepared to have a kit, style reports, clothes, etc. ready. If someone wants to feature me, I want to make sure my content is up to date and I'm for interviews. I think we should all be ready for any opportunities, I want everyone around me to grow with me. :) #stayready 

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