I love doing spontaneous things like dragging my sister to the museum after work.

The PS art museum is free (but you should always give them a donation) on thursdays and I really wanted to see this exhibition I saw on instagram. You know I love a good photo opp. #bloggerproblems


Let's just say, I walked into a my DREAM LAND. Ugh, I basically walked onto the set of Drake's "Hotline Bling" video. Well if you follow my instagram, then you know that song was the theme to my instal-story. I would upload vids from that night, but square space is being stupid tonight. 

The exhibition is this amazing exploration into Kinesthesia. Which combines light, color, & motion to create a sensory experience. I can't even describe it in works, you have to see it in person. 



Being that this was not a planned outing, I threw my my handy "just in case" jeans with my polka dot Trina Turk top that I wore to work. Every one has "just in case" jeans, right? You know those jeans that you keep in your car in case some hot boy calls you for a last minute date...or because you always have plans you forget about. 


I didn't get to explore the rest of the museum too much, but I will try to head back next Thursday. :) #forshadowing 



Top: Here // Pants: Sold Out // Headwrap: Target // Shoes: Here // Purse: Here