There are only 46 days left in the year. WAHHHH! I'm having 4th quarter crisis where I don't feel like I've accomplished the things that I set for myself earlier in the year. Do you guys get this end of year anxiety? I put a lot of pressure on myself, so I literally wake up each day paranoid that I have wasted this year. This morning while hiking, I took a second to think about the motivation in this. I want to take a step each day to make some shit happens. That way I can know I'm putting the effort in to the goals that I have set for myself. 

I recently was selected to participate with a exhibition highlighting women in the desert. I was not in the final presentation, but it was such an honor to be thought of. This was so motivating to be in the realm with other strong women of color in the desert. I just received the photos from the shoot and seeing them reminded me of the accomplishments that I have had this year. Although I haven't completed everything that I set for myself, I will take the steps to finish the year moving forward with my goals. How has 2017 gone for you guys? Comment below.