Hey y'all, 

So you know I live for a little day trip. A few weeks ago, I went around Palm Springs with my girl Nicole of The Darling Niki. We spotted by The Riviera Hotel for a quick trip. They newly renovated the lobby area and WOW! The hotel looks amazing and is finally looking up to date with the rest of the modern world. One spot I still love are the geometric printed staircase, because it just looks like it should be in the 70's. I guess now the hipster in me wants to say "it's super retro". 


Also, I just loved that they sort of coordinated with my outfit. I wore this easy shirt dress from Old Navy. It's so lightweight and I love it for travel. Btw, it's on sale for under $20 right now. Now my Torch Burch wedges from a few years ago were definitely more than $20, but I bought them at Nordstrom Rack so I know I still got a great deal. #bargainshopper 

Dress (On sale)// Shoes (Tory Burch) // Purse