Sporty Spice

Hey Hey Y'all, 

How are you guys? How is your week going? Mine is going well. I've been really focused on my health and continuing my juice cleanse. I'm also trying out new workouts to incorporate into my normal workout routine. 

I've found some great workouts on youtube that have been kicking my ass. With adding more workouts to my schedule, I find myself in workout clothes more often. Which has brought me to add more athleisure looks to my wardrobe. AND NO...I'M NOT WALKING AROUND LIKE KIM K IN SWEATS & HEELS. Now that's the shit, I don't like. 


I more so mean to incorporate more "sporty" looks in my wardrobe. Think of it like a chic sporty spice. I saw these new Reeboks online and loved them for my summer wardrobe. I typically take my vacations in the summer, so I love having a go to sneaker that I can pack and it can go with everything I bring with me. These reeboks are sporty, but are still can look chic with dresses, skirts, pants...everything!! 

How do you like the athelisure style? How do you rock your sneakers??? Comment below and let me know.