Hey y'all hey, 

So the power of social media is REAL! This year has really shown the power to what social media can bring you. Through social media, I have been able to have TWO features in Desert Magazine and meet wonderful people in the Desert. It's crazy, because I really have strived to have more impactful content this year mostly on my Instagram. Instagram is the social media site that I use the most...probably too much sometimes. Actually I was looking at my battery usage on my iPhone and 54% goes to Instagram. haha While most of time, I am on the Shaderoom or sending my mom funny posts. The other amount of time, I am posting content and following other bloggers and influencers that I love. 

A few weeks ago, I received a DM (it goes down in DM) from Wanderlust Creatives. Wanderlust Creatives is a couple from LA that are photographers. They saw one of my instagram posts on the  Saguaro's geo tag and reached out to shoot with me. They specialize in weddings and wanted to do a more lifestyle shoot. I immediately was like Whaaaaat??? Me??? Whaaaaat? So after some back & forth Dm'ing, we agreed it would be fun to shoot at The Pink Door in Palm Springs. The pink door is...a pink door. haha No, but really it's a super cute pink door at a midcentury home in Palm Springs and is a social media sensation. For has it's one instagram. 

Also, I don't want to sound like I am only posting the most top tier content. I think this sudden boost has just come from consistent posting. I have been fairly on schedule with posting new looks, videos, or just funny posts. I like to watch the trends of posting that top bloggers/influencers do. Although, the top people may post once a day, but I found that posting twice (sometimes 3 times a day) has worked for me. Also, I have been obsessing for making a "color story" to my instagram. I use the app MOSAICO to plan my posts ahead of the time and to create the color focus at a time. 

Everything that I have talked about & more are discussed in Amee Song's book, Capture your Style. Her book is a great tool to growing your online presence. So these photos are just the first series to my shoot with Wanderlust Creatives. 

Top: Forever 21// Jeans: H&M// Shoes: Nordstrom (SOLD OUT)