How to live an optimistic life

Hey guys, 

Before you get on me, I know I have been MIA! Life has been a little cray cray. One thing that I want to talk about it is being optimistic/happy when life gets cray cray! I kind of pride myself on being about to always have a positive outlook on life, even when times get hard. 


Here are a few of my daily tips to keep an optimistic lifestyle: 

  1. Create a positive environment around you. If you are living in environment or around people that are not helping you grow... YOU NEED TO CUT IT! Spend less time around your negative friends and go out to meet new people! Also, it's smart to get off gossip sites and read more positive things. I try to stay off theshaderoom more and I love listening to the My Taught You podcast. Perfect for women entrepreneurs! 

  2. Be Grateful. This one is really grateful & appreciate everything, everyday, everyone. Every morning stop for a minute and remind yourself of 3 things that you are grateful for. 
  3. Stay physical. I find that the more active I am, the better my overall mood typically is. Plus, you typically feel better about yourself and then that exudes confidence around you. 
  4. Find solutions in every situation. When those tough negative obstacles pop up, find a solution before going into negative thoughts. If you proactive to figure out solutions, you can turn every situation around. 
  5. Don't happy! At the end of the day, don't sweat the small stuff. To me, it seems that if you let the small stuff worry you then they turn into big problems. Then everything starts to consume you. 

If you guys have any other suggestions, post them below!! :)